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Divine call and passion for the task of the Great Commission propelled us to commit ourselves to serving the Lord on board the M/V Africa Mercy.

Mercy Ships is committed to following the 2000-year-old example of Jesus Christ, by bringing Hope and Healing to the world’s forgotten poor by providing free medical and surgical healthcare as well as other community development programs.


Thanks for visiting our page, may the Lord bless and keep you.


2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Well Hi Lere and Abby great to see you on my email today it is New Years Eve. I think of you both each day and wonder what you are up to. it will be 4 years this May since we met for the first time in Antannanarevo such a great night with Moses and Sheree. i remember all this will a great smile on my face. Stay safe and stay happy Much love to you both.. Trish


    • Hello “Mama Trish”,
      Always so glad to hear from you! What a great honour to have you as one of our first friends even on our way to the Africa Mercy, such an unforgettable experience that brought us all together beyond just “Bus family” as was then so called.
      Sherry and the couple Geert & Annette from Holland had returned several times to Africa Mercy since then, though yourself and Moise haven’t been able yet, we really still so much appreciate the fact that you keep us so much in your heart by getting in touch through this platform always. May the Lord bless and keep you as we move into the New Year 2019, may He shine His face over you and give you peace round about and may all your days be filled with strength.

      Looking forward to hearing from you again and again!


      ‘Lere & Abi.


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