Mercy Ministries on AFM

Easter Celebration In A Grand Style! Mercy Ministries

Written by: Olalere Olupayimo (Mercy Ministries Coordinator, AFM)

Pivot on “Jesus The Reason For The Season”, our team of amazingly gifted and talented Mercy Ministries Team added color to our Easter Story edition by including Live Music of Praise, staging Mini-Concerts at all our sites in Toamasina, Madagascar during the 2016 Easter season. What a new dimension of experience for all our partners who gracefully embraced the package!

We began our two-week Easter Story tour with the Semato Deaf School, we did not play music at this site but the students performed various dance styles to glorify God! We then headed to White Orchids Handicapped School, where the response to our Live Music of Praise was absolutely incredible!

On the second week, we covered The HOPE Center, Maison De Retraite (Senior home) and we crowned it up on Easter Saturday at the fabulous Le Enfants de Soleil children home with different kinds of dancing competition, all to the glory of our risen Christ whose example we follow!

Thanks to everyone who participated and made brilliant success of the whole events.

Thank you for reading through, more News soon!

Courtesy Mercy Ministries, Programs Department Africa Mercy.

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Thank you very much and may the Lord bless and keep you.

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