Our Music & Worship Ministries

Introducing Our “New Song Mandate Series”!

Psalm 149:2 “… Sing unto the Lord a New Song…”

Verse 6 “Let  the High Praises of God be in their mouth…”

Therefore, we declare the High Praises of God!

Be blessed with this Track # 01 “The Maker and the Giver”

More to come.

Thanks always for your prayers and supports in partnering with us to fulfill our call to missions through Mercy Ships.



Merry Christmas to everyone, thanks for you prayers and supports.

Be blessed with this Bonus Christmas track.

ARK OF MERCY! (Single) By Lere Olupayimo.

Get blessed with this newest single written and produced by Lere. A special dedication to the incredible works of Mercy Ships in Africa.

Disclaimer: All opinions, photos, etc. here posted are my own, they may or may not reflect the views of Mercy Ships.


Our primary mandate fulfilled. By privilege we lead the Africa Mercy Crew Members from over 35 nations in Worship and Praise to God with music, dancing and celebration. (3.” Let them praise His name with the dance; Let them sing praises to Him with the timbrel and harp. 6. Let the high praises of God be in their mouth…” Ps 149:3;6a)


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(This was at the dedication of Mercy Ships’ HOPE Center Benin 2016/2017 field service.)

Would you prayerfully consider supporting us as we fulfill this role. Please click link below once you are ready to join in supporting us. Thanks.


Please watch out more to come soon.



Get blessed with some excerpts from of our old music/worship projects.

Africans Rejoice is my debut album (2002/2003), an African Style of Music.

This is from one of our School of Music/Worship training programs in Ghana (W/Africa) 2010.

More recent music/worship projects for your free download

Please visit link below:



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